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AOVtech USA was founded in 2014.  AOVtech is a processing and sales company, mainly working with IR materials Corning Fused Silica glass.  We manufacture optics including lenses, prisms, laser windows and rods, specializing in infrared applications.  These materials are used in precision microscopes, telescopes, aerospace, medical instrument lenses, low and high energy laser systems, as well as a wide variety of custom applications in the semiconductor, aviation, defense, astronomy and other key industries.  Our products are manufactured to strict customer specifications to produce high precision products such as optical blanks, mirrors, windows, prisms and lenses.  Our company, by virtue of its professional management team, adheres to a "customers first" principle of service, and strives to provide every customer with the highest quality service.

Our extensive stock in IG Chalcogenide Glasses ( AGIR-4, AGIR-6 ), Zinc Selenide ( ZnSe )

and Zinc sulfide ( ZnS, ZnS MS ) infrared quartz glass, low thermal expansion glass,

N-BK7, S-BLS7, Calcium Fluoride ( CaF2 ), and ceramics glass. This make us a reliable partner for your manufacturing needs. Our other materials include Corning 7980 F, 7980 G, ArF, KrF, 8650, 7972ULE, 7973, N-BK7, 9575 and MACOR.  

AOVtech USA also sells an advanced cerium ( CeO2 ) polishing powder for faster, more efficient polishing on all optical products.

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