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About Us

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Established in 2014, AOVtech is a trusted supplier of optics that are utilized in applications across the light spectrum and specailizing in multispectral applications. Clients have an option to work one on one with design support to customize their multispectral products, whether that be utilizing the AOVtech AGIR Chalcogenide line, choosing from a large stock of ZnS MS or customizing a system with a variety of stocked materials. AOVtechs knowledge of materials allows the designer to choose materials that best  support their product specifications, budget and deadline.  By choosing from our in-house material stock and capabilities or by taking advantage of our global footprint which includes local collaborations, clients of AOVtech are given full disclosure and the ability to determine the direction of their projects. AOVtech navigates the challenges in support of client growth from start to finish or anywhere in the process. 

Our Founder

Our founder Andrew King accomplished in the industry, with a a background in inspection and yield management in the semiconductor industry. Andrew pioneered and revolutionized how the fabrications manage the yield of their products in production. Andrew is a visionary in the industry with ample knowledge in the space and with the passion and knowledge to bring to the industry

Andrew King

Founder & President

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