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Your premier supplier in high quality optics


AOVtech USA produces visible and infrared optics for specialty applications. We manufacture products using Corning quartz and silica as well as IG (chalcogenide glass), ZnSe and ZnS material for infrared imaging applications out to 20 microns. Standard visible optics include lenses, prisms, laser windows and rods. We specialize in manufacturing for infrared applications. AOVtech USA also sells an advanced cerium polishing powder for faster, more efficient polishing on all optical products.


We provide our customers with Blanks, Polished blanks and Finished parts to order.


We have an impressive amount of first grade inventory in stock both in fused silica and infrared materials. This enables us to have a quick turn around with our manufacturing and raw material sales.



We are capable of fabricating a wide variety of products such as lenses, windows, prisms and rods. Our Products are made with high precision and quality.

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