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We have an large amount of first grade inventory in stock both in fused silica and infrared materials. This enables us to have a quick turn around with our manufacturing and raw material sales.



CVD ZINC SELENIDE Material is the material of choice for optical components in high-powered CO2 lasers due to its low bulk absorption at 10.6 microns. Its index of refraction, homogeneity and uniformity offer excellent optical performance for use as protective windows or optical elements in high-resolution forward looking infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging equipment. This material has also been used as small windows and lenses in medical and industrial applications, such as thermometry and spectroscopy.


ZnS (MS)

ZnS MultiSpectral is II-VI Infrared’s zinc sulfide material treated by a hot isostatic press (HIP) process. Under intense heat and pressure, defects within the crystalline lattice are virtually eliminated, leaving a water-clear material with minimal scatter and high transmission characteristics from 0.4 to 12 microns. This material is particularly well suited for high-performance common aperture systems that must perform across a broad wavelength spectrum.


ZnS (regular)

ZnS has a lower cost relative to ZnSe and ZnS MS, and has potential wherever a tough and strong IR transmitting material is required.


AOVtech Chalcogenide Glasses

AGIR-2 , AGIR-4 , AGIR-6

AOVtech’s AGIR chalcogenide glass series includes compositions designed to transmit in short to long wave ranges delivering an improved optical performance and reduced thermal sensitivity when compared to traditional materials on the market thus achieving both a cost-effective and customizable option for thermal imaging applications per the specifications of our clients as well as meeting the high-volume demand of commercial applications. 


This high purity Fused Silica with excellent optical qualities such as extraordinary low refractive index excellent homogeneity values, lowest birefringence values, exceptional transmittance from the deep ultraviolet through the infrared region, and an ultra-low thermal expansion coefficient.


ULE,Corning code 7972 ULtra Low Expansion Glass is a titania silicate glass with unique characteristics that has made it the material of choice in applications ranging from machine tool reference blocks to solid and lightweight mirror blanks for larger astronomical telescopes and space satellite applications.Leading industry experts in the semiconductor integrated circuits manufacturing industry have identified ULE as a "material of choice" for EUV applications.

Schott N-BK7

BK7 is a high quality optical glass that is used whenever the additional benefits of fused silica are not required. Since BK7 performs well in all chemical tests, and no additional or special handling is required, costs of manufacturing are reduced. It is a relatively hard material with extremely low bubble and inclusion content, while providing excellent transmittance through-out the visible and near infrared spectra and down to 350 nm in the ultraviolet.

N-BK7 is our most stocked Schott glass material. We can provide strips, partial strips, blanks or finish products with very short lead times even in large quantities.

Other Schott Material

We provide variety of Schott glass material to our customers. Either as strips, partial strips, blanks or finish products.

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